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Work Visa for Dubai

Dubai Work visa:

Dubai races into this century at quick speed, and to sustain its rapid growth and development, the demand for labor is increasing day by day. The opportunity for employment is plentiful in Dubai, therefore thousands of skilled as well as unskilled people are entering every years to seek opportunities for employment and to make their future better. Foreign emigrant require residency visa to enter and live in Dubai. This residency visa allows the visitor to obtain labor card or work permit issued by the Ministry of labor.

The validity of residency visa is three years and the applicant needs to submit following documents to the embassy in order to obtain visa.

• Application form fully filled and attested.
• Passport-size photographs.
• Copy of a valid company card
• Valid commercial license of the company
• Application fee
• Employee’s original passport with a copy
• Health certificate
• Entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labor Once the applicant has received the residency visa, he can then apply for the work permit to get it.


Dubai Visit visa:

If you are looking to visit relatives in Dubai, then you can obtain visa to travel Dubai. To obtain this type of visa, you need to visit to nearest UAE embassy or through ‘Dubai Naturalization and residency Department. At first, UAE embassy issue visa for 30 days, but while staying in Dubai, you can pay a fee of 620 Durham (124 euros, 109 pounds or 169 dollars).


Obtaining a student visa:

To obtain student visa, you need to take admission in the licensed educational institute or university in Dubai. That institution or university could sponsor you for a study visa.
The following documents are required to gain visa for Dubai:
• Copy of establishment card
• Copy of travel insurance
• Copy of trade license
• Copy of passport
• 3 passport size clear photos
• Medical clearance certificate
• Police clearing certificate.

How to obtain a medical treatment visa:

 In order to seek better treatment facilities, many people visit Dubai because of extraordinary medical treatment facilities available there.
To obtain visa for this purpose, you require a sponsorship from medical establishment approved by the health authority or ministry of health. Medical treatment visa lasts for 60 days, but can be renewed if required.
This visa requires the following documents to be submitted:
• Clear passport copy of the sponsor.
• Travel insurance.
• A copy of the establishment card.
• Medical certificate attested by the Health Authority (MOH).
• A clear personal photo of the sponsored person.



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