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Australian Skilled Worker Visa



Australian Independent foreign worker visa:

Skilled Independent living visa known as a subclass 189 can be described as long-term work visa for people who have the necessary experience and assistants for the production of the opportunity to obtain Australian visa in a shortage of qualified personnel. It must be Australian skilled worker Visa aspirant must have to take at least 60 points in the evaluation point in order to make strong case for visa. The applicant in this case needs to be less than 45 years of age and also possess a well qualification in terms of skill. It must be ensured that skill which you have should be listed in SOL list.

The skill of Foreign Affairs sub-worker visa applicants 189 or may not really be in need of any form of sponsorship.
To qualify for the Australian skilled worker visa you need to be

  • Not old than 45 years.
  • Qualified and experienced to Australian specialization Occupation List (SOL
  • assessed by the Australian Assessing Authority. This is very importantto clarify the state of your career you want to qualify to join any association or a specialized body.
  • experienced in Englishproficiency to a level capable of. For those of countries such as Britain or the United States or Canada or maybe Ireland and New Zealand it will automatically be considered perfect. Other individuals should be considered in the English language test.


Skilled Independent Visa Evaluation Module:

Skilled Visa assessment is necessary in this regard in order to clarify that whether you are eligible or not. To make sure that this analysis provides accurate results confirm that the evidence presented is as accurate as possible.


Complete rules are based upon points system for skilled foreign worker visa

  • If age between 18 and 24 and then will score 25 points.
    Will get 20 points on experience and 10 points on the English proficiency.
  • If you have worked abroad you can receive between 5 to 15 points.
  • In case of service in Australia, you get 5-20 points.
  • If you have finished the work, and at least one year of skilled labor that has been gathered in Sydney in the four years prior to the agreement with the hen requirementsthat will have 5 points.
  • 20 points are likely to become submitted for a doctorate of educational institutions from Australia. You get 15 points for a degree.
  • You will get 5 points for having Australian education.
  • You will receive 5 points for living and learning in provincial Australian region.
  • You receive 5 points on the behalf of your partner requirements.

Australian skilled worker visa will be approved by Australian Government in a short time; however, you must show an expression of interest.  This visa will enable you to stay and live in Australia and can also earn some good income while incorporating your share in Australian economy as a skilled worker.


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